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Letter From Our Founders

Lately we see the word “sustainability” everywhere – lending it’s ambiguity to restrict its proper goal in the context of economic, environmental and social change. The creation of SSi is to harness these definitions in the true meaning of inter-generational equity and education about sustainability trends currently playing a role in the developing world. SSi is committed to providing programs to our clients that will enrich your lives with experience, opportunity, adventure and self discovery. Speaking from experience, an international internship has had the power to dramatically change both of our lives – hence SSi was born. Come join our community today and EXPLORE. EXPERIENCE. INSPIRE. Our first part of the System will begin in China….the dragon is awake.

The Impact Team

Creating life-changing experiences for our students across the developing world in nations leading the way in sustainable development is at the core of our mission. Our team has come from all corners of the world to work towards making that a reality.


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Gao Zhuo

Cultural Comm. Manager & China Guide


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