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Who are SSi?

Welcome to SSi Blog! We are finally live. We have been working on this project for a while now and are happy to finally be able to bring you the news about our programs, sustainability issues, developments in China, and tips for professional growth on a weekly basis. In our first blog post, you will learn about SSi and why an internship in the field of sustainability in China is your ticket to professional success in the coming years.


Sustainability System Initiative provides internship opportunities in China, the world’s growing global superpower. An internship with SSi isn’t your typical internship experience, we are here to offer you a chance to gain experience in the field of sustainability. If you intern with us, you will also have the chance to experience Chinese culture, learn Mandarin, and travel to some of China’s wonderful sites.



Sustainability is an issue of ever-growing concern globally. In the coming years, those with knowledge of sustainability and experience working in the industry will be increasingly sought-after. SSi is not like any other internship company. We offer internship opportunities with a green focus. Each SSi programme is designed to allow students to both learn about and contribute towards social and environmental impact. As a rapidly developing country, China is a highly topical place to undergo a green internship.

As well as the opportunity to expand your knowledge and awareness of Sustainable development, SSi internships also offer the chance for self-discovery. You will meet and work with people from many different countries. If you want to immerse yourself fully in Chinese culture and language, you could choose the homestay option in your SSi internship. This will allow you to put your skills from the Mandarin language classes into practice with local people. Furthermore, staying with a family decreases your living costs.

SSi internships are suitable for students who need to fulfill an internship as part of their studies. An internship is also a great option for those on a gap year, or for those who wish to increase both their employability and knowledge, as well as expand their cultural awareness and experience something a little different. Employers increasingly value those who can demonstrate an ability to adapt to new environments. If you have any special requirements, just get in touch with us, and we will be happy to work with you to tailor your internship experience to your needs.

Why China?

In the last decade, China has gone from strength to strength on the global scene. It is not only an economic powerhouse but a world leader in terms of renewable energy. China was not previously at the forefront of sustainable development. However, in recent years, they have taken great strides to rectify this. China now has the largest wind power resources in the world, and also produces a significant amount of hydroelectricity. Their transport system is one of the most developed in the world, with public buses that run on electricity common throughout the country. Since China is developing so fast, right now is a very exciting time to experience this rapidly growing economy. In doing a green internship with SSi, you’ll be at the forefront of some of the most up-and-coming advancements in the sustainability field globally.

Because of the global spread of Covid-19 onsite internships became impossible to conduct in 2020. SSi team is dedicated to bringing the best experience to our students, so we made every effort to adjust and still offer immersive internship experiences. As of summer 2020, we are conducting a summer online internship program and are getting ready to get back on track with onsite internships in China in winter 2021. Stay tuned for more details.

As China becomes more powerful, the value of being able to speak Mandarin is also increasing. In fact, China has many dialects, but Mandarin is the language spoken in places of work and educational institutions. Many people feel too intimidated to start learning Mandarin, because it’s so different from English and other European languages, especially because of its different writing style. In reality, Mandarin is not a very difficult language to learn to speak. The grammar is not as complicated as English, and you can generally get by with just a few words. Chinese people are always very encouraging when you try to communicate with them in Mandarin. Just start by saying “Nihao” (“hello”) and they will usually be very impressed and friendly.

Mandarin is becoming a language of the future, and the ability to speak it will increase your career prospects. An advantage of undertaking an internship with us in China, is the opportunity to both take Mandarin classes and speak the language with people in China. It’s one thing learning a language from a book, but when you are immersed in the language in that country, you’ll find your language ability and confidence in speaking Mandarin will increase at a great rate. Even if you can’t speak any Mandarin at all yet, we guarantee that by the end of your internship you’ll be able to say at least a few words!

The Chinese culture has been a source of fascination to many for centuries. Due to China’s history and geographical position, most people in the West know relatively little about China. However, China has a very long history and a rich culture. Even within China, there are many traditions, ethnic groups, and nature. From Harbin’s ice festival to Guilin’s rolling hills, to the almost-tropical climate of the south of China, the country has something for everyone. In China, you can have very diverse experiences, all in one country. The food also varies depending on where in China you are. Food in Shanghai is quite sweet, while in Hunan province it’s much spicier. In the north of China, noodles are common, while in the south, people eat more rice. Street food is popular and cheap in most cities, allowing you to sample many different foods every day.

Closing/Call to action:

Although current times are uncertain, you can still take steps to enhance your career prospects. Learning new skills is always a good idea. Education in the field of Sustainable development will be relevant and useful in the future. An appreciation for other cultures, and the ability to show resilience in different environments, is a skill increasingly valued by employers as the world becomes more connected. Even if you can’t travel right now, you can still have great experiences from your own home by undertaking an online internship with us.

Choose a green internship with SSi to explore the most rapidly developing country in the world. Increase your knowledge of sustainable development and gain valuable experience working with real companies in fields such as Renewable Energy and Green Technology, Engineering, and Finance and Investment. In the future, use the skills gained during your internship to inspire the world towards sustainable development.


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