Sustainability Internship Programs in Shanghai

Begin your career with purpose with our sustainability internship programs in China!


Explore the most rapidly developing country in the world and grow your professional network.


Experience working internationally alongside game-changing innovators and industry trailblazers in sustainability.


Inspire the world towards sustainable development with the right skills, knowledge and experience.”

Samantha Lovelace

California State University

"SSI was a big part of what I learned in China. Our learning was focused on an incredibly interesting topic and that same topic was so relevant and well themed with our China experience. I came away from the trip with such a wealth of information, that I had never dreamed of knowing before."

Danielle Franks

Northern Arizona University

"Sustainability is an important focus moving into the future, and I am very fortunate that SSi provided this amazing learning experience. The team were great, and provided a great mash up of professional outcomes and personal development. Studying abroad has adjusted my perspective of the world, and how imperative it is that we work together to collectively inspire sustainable change."

Current Programs

Summer & Winter Internship

Boost your CV with a GREEN internship in your desired industry over the summer and winter months!
  • June - August 2020
  • December -February 2020/21

Adventure Mobility Program

Gain course credit with our short-term adventure abroad programs about sustainability in China!
  • Summer (July 2020)
  • Winter (January 2021)

Customized Internship Program

Stand out from your peers and create your own internship program from 2-6 months!
Dates: Year Round!

Activities & Sightseeing

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